Teen Girl Talk

TGT Special Episode: Interview with Aminah Mae Safi- Author of This Is All Your Fault

June 9, 2020

We got a chance to have a chat with the wonderful Aminah Mae Safi about her upcoming book, This Is All Your Fault, which comes out this October!  But if you want to read some of her stuff beforehand you can check out her other books: Not the Girls You're Looking For and Tell Me How You Really Feel.  They're available wherever fine books are sold.  Intro and outro is Rebel Girl by Bikini Kill.


If you want to preorder her book you can do so here through a variety of resources: http://www.aminahmae.com/this-is-all-your-fault-1

Or check out her instagram full of wonderful things here: https://www.instagram.com/aminahmae/

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