Pretty Little Liars- part 1 (Episodes 1-3)

June 12, 2017

Holy cats!  This show is so fun!  We tackle the first three episodes of Pretty Little Liars here at the beginning of Pretty Little Summer where we're doing four episodes on this banana crazy show!  This show is about four girls who may or may not have done a terrible thing.  Along the way they're being blackmailed by a stranger named A who brings up the fact that disgusting older men are trying to kiss them.  Gross.  In this episode, Suesie unfurls the sex offender list.  Frank seethes with rage and just about goes super saiyan.  Spoiler alert: THE TWO OF THEM LOVE THIS SHOW.  The intro and outro is Secret by the Pierces.  Comments, questions and concerns hit us up at also like and comment on our facebook page!  And above all, rate, review and subscribe to us on itunes!  If you do that, we'll send you an awesome Teen Girl Talk sticker!  Enjoy!  


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