Before I Fall

November 20, 2017

Trigger Warning: Bullying, suicide, predatory adults


This week the Cotas hit the reset button again and again in an angsty drama regarding bullying and the effects it has on other people starring Zoey Deutch and Halston Sage.  This one was hard to watch but pretty good.  Also, on this episode Suesie comes up with theme months that no one asked for.  Frank gets embarrassed for what he feels are legitimate reasons.  Intro is artangels by Grimes.  Outro is Skeletons by Yeah Yeah Yeahs.  Please rate, review and subscribe on iTunes.  Questions, comments, concerns hit us up at  We're on facebook at: 



November 13, 2017

Wow, we were so disinterested in this movie.  We take a bunch of diversions because this movie was boring and we straight didn't want to talk about it.  We answer some listener mail.  We talk about celebrity genitalia.  We go on the imdb page of the person whose listed in the credits only as the Pale Man.  So, as you can see we talk about just the most important subjects.  This movie sucks.  Also Suesie makes some predictions about the future of the internet.  Frank is sick of whispery games.  Intro and outro is Gut Feeling by DEVO.  There's also a bit of Peter and the Wolf as narrated by David Bowie.  Questions, comments, concerns hit us up at  Please subscribe, review and rate us on iTunes.  Also we have a facebook page:


Happy Death Day

November 6, 2017

Let's do the time warp again!  We're starting our month of time loop movies with a pretty recent release.  The comedy/horror movie Happy Death Day.  A movie about a young woman doomed to repeat the same day where she's murdered unless she can figure out who killed her.  Also on this episode Suesie reveals deals with a bunch of lame tinder dudes.  Frank doesn't blanke terminology.  Intro and outro is Rebel Girl by Bikini Kill.  Questions, comments, concerns?  Hit us up at  Rate, review and subscribe to us on iTunes!  Also follow us on facebook: 


Fun Size

October 30, 2017

This week, the Cota siblings are going on a Halloween adventure!  We're watching the tonally bizarre and kind of gross in places Fun Size, starring Victoria Justice and Jane Levy.  This was such a weird movie.  Also on this episode, Suesie demands repayment from Amazon.  Frank give Suesie the side eye.  Intro and outro is Rebel Girl by Bikini Kill.  Questions, comments, concerns?  Hit us up at  Please share, subscribe, rate and review us on iTunes.  


Hocus Pocus

October 23, 2017

This week we talk about one of the greatest Halloween movies ever made.  Bette Midler slays along with Kathy Najimy and Sarah Jessica Parker.  We feel the embarrassment from Thora Birch talking all weird about her brother's crush.  Still, this movie is amazing and we love it.  Also on this episode, Suesie talks about her adventures in getting things engraved.  Frank filibusters for trick or treating despite no one disagreeing with him.  Intro and outro is Rebel Girl by Bikini Kill.  Questions, comments, concerns  Please share, subscribe and review us on iTunes.  Next week Fun Size!


My Stepdaughter

October 16, 2017

Sorry this one is a little late.  Just got back from vacation.  We watch the Lifetime made for TV movie, My Stepdaughter!  Oh boy this movie.  There's just so much going on.  You have to watch this movie.  You have to listen to this episode.  Suesie develops a new form of family therapy.  Frank yells about wills.  Questions, comments and concerns?  Hit us up at Intro and outro is Rebel Girl by Bikini Kill.  Please rate, review and subscribe to us on iTunes. 


L. A Candy & Famous in Love

October 9, 2017

If you want to talk to Frank and Suesie this week, you're going to need to go through their agents.  I'm just kidding, you can reach them at Nevertheless they're going full Hollywood this week with the Lauren Conrad novel, L. A. Candy and the Bella Thorne led TV show, Famous in Love.  Hoo boy, these two are doozies.  Also on this episode Suesie sends Frank to high five camp.  Frank rants about letting Bella Thorne live her life.  Intro and outro is Rebel Girl by Bikini Girl.  Please rate, review and subscribe to our show on iTunes.  


Cosplay Melee(Episodes 4-6)

October 2, 2017

This week on Teen Girl Talk, Frank and Suesie jump into the last three episodes of Cosplay Melee.  They are still in love with Yvette Nicole Brown and impressed with the skills of all the cosplayers even if they're disagreeing with the judges more frequently.  Frank and Suesie bring it to sad town and then pull it out by telling a story about a terrible John Mayer concert.  As if there are good John Mayer concerts.  Please rate, review and subscribe to us on iTunes.  Questions and comments hit us up at  Intro and outro is Rebel Girl by Bikini Kill 


Cosplay Melee(Episodes 1-3)

September 25, 2017

On this week's episode Suesie and Frank jump into the world of reality television competitions with Cosplay Melee! This show is just a joyful nugget of positivity. Plus, it has the wonderful Yvette Nicole Brown on it.  Also on this episode Suesie tells her past self to get it together.  Frank tells a story about falling into pie.  Intro and outro is Rebel Girl by Bikini Kill.  Questions, comments, concerns?  E-mail us at  We have a kickstarter going to buy ourselves a second microphone you can donate here at 


Fired Up!

September 18, 2017

Oh man, this is a fun one.  Today we're dealing with Fired Up!  A fun and frolicking comedy about football players who decide to go to cheer camp!  Antics abound!  Also on this week Suesie talks about being a creepy preteen and Frank gets kicked out of the Office subreddit.  Questions, comments, concerns, e-mail us at  Intro and outro is Rebel Girl by Bikini Kill.  We have a kickstarter going on to buy a second microphone and improve the sound quality.  You can contribute to it at: there are some amazing rewards for backers.